Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He's Done.

Joshi has officially finished his MBA. Thank you all. Now to confirm a position. Another interview next week!!

Take a minute and congratulate the hard work!!

Great Job, Joshi!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some weeks better than others.

Did you miss me? I LOVE being committed to just one day a week.

Life has thrown me a curve ball. Which is both healing and yet painful. I'm working through the issues, you know the baggage we all carry. Except it got way too heavy for me to deal with alone, so I'm seeing a shrink. Yeah, I have no shame. and well this isn't the first time, and I'm guessing it's not the last time. He is amazing though!! Really helping me through some of my "issues". It's been emotionally exhausting, physically draining, and spiritually enlightening. I highly recommend it. Why not?? I mean they're professionals, they're not judgy friends or family, and seriously know what they're doing. I mean not EVERYONE needs the help, but if you do, and you probably know if you do, just do it. :) I can see the nike commercial now. I love that through all this I am learning about the real me.

Anyway, I spent the week at the Y. I dropped two more pounds, Hallie is now learning to ride a two-wheeler, Josh scheduled another interview, and Laila learned to clap, while Colson is ALWAYS the first one to know the date in his class. We all have things to be proud of this week.

It would be a shame for me to not mention Mothers today. I mean really!

I wish I could say, I have this great relationship with my mother, and that we call each other and can finish the others' sentences. My mom and I rarely get along. She might be reading this and I truly don't want to offend her, but I'm not saying anything she doesn't already know. We've had a difficult relationship over the years, we both have issues, and for whatever reason, it hasn't been easy. However, as an adult I've grown to respect her. She has come through for me more than once. She picked up some jewelry for me for my Senior Prom, she spent a chunk of money on my table centerpieces at my wedding, and let my family impose on her for a month before Hallie was born. She made us an endless supply of "jams" when we were kids, and gave us free reign of her shoes and clothes to play dress-up. She rode roller coasters at cedar point (although I still can't forgive her for the matching outfits she made us wear), and gave us a summer we'll never forget. Thanks mom, I love you. Happy Mother's Day.

To my Mother-in-Law, Yup I love her too! She's amazing, and literally created the most amazing gift I've ever received, her first born son. She's a teacher, a scrapbooker, and QVC watcher, (like me). You can NOT go wrong with the Q, do you Q? Anyway, she has the patience of Job, and she is loyal. Happy Mothers Day!

To my Stepmom, the wicked witch, of course I'm kidding. Cherri I hope you're laughing?!? Does anyone really want a blended family?? Seriously? Nope. But, she has taught me who cares!! She's tried really hard to make our family as "normal" as possible. I think I respect her the most for dealing with my dad. If she hadn't married him, I'm not sure who would have. I can say that, because I'm just like my dad, and seriously NO ONE actually wants to live with us!! But, she takes care of him, and has softened his heart in ways I never thought possible. She's the cool one, cool clothes, cool bags, cool jewelry, cool shoes, so it's always fun to go shopping with her, and she even lets our kids call her Grandma Cherri, now THAT is sacrifice. I know this holiday is far from her mind, as she lost a dear friend this past week to pancreatic cancer. Cherri, I hope you can have a good day.

To my other mothers, who probably never have seen this blog, but there are women out there, teachers, YW leaders, church leaders, that have risen to take in this wayward, awkward, harsh, passionate girl, and truly sheltered me under your wings. To you, who had no obligation whatsoever, I thank you, and wish you a Happy Mothers Day. I will never forget the service you rendered on my behalf.

To mothers everywhere, enjoy today, not because it celebrates you, but because it celebrates the glorious role you have:

“Motherhood, is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels.” (The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, many years ago)

Till next week!


Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Sunday Scoop.

I've got this friend who basically blogs on Tuesdays, and it's so fun! I know exactly when she's updating. And I LOVE the idea of blogging once a week, I need to spend more time doing other 'good things'! So here's the Sunday Scoop.

This past week I made a home made Strawberry Pie and homemade ice-cream, YUMMY!! We had some friends over to play croquet. It was fun, and I hadn't played since I was little, I remember playing it with my family, Bec, Vic, do you remember?


Laila turned ten months this past week, and isn't she a doll?? What a beauty. We love her little personality, quiet, patient, laidback, and playful. She truly is a dream baby.

Josh had another interview this week, has one week left until graduating with a MBA, and I LOVE this picture of him. Lucky Me.

Colson had a big shin dig at his school yesterday, the kids had a blast! Laila was annoyed by the blankets I kept covering her with, so she was holding them up out of the way!! BUT, the worst part?? I was with one of the YW from church, and this kid thought I was her mother. HELLO???? I would have been 15, I mean technically it was possible, but since this happened a week after I turned thirty, it did not go over well. Yes I cried myself to sleep thank you for asking!!