Thursday, April 22, 2010

One of those weird days.

Early Early this morning I got a text from Josh telling me he was headed to bed, but made it out of Afghanistan, into Kuwait. He's beginning his trek home, and I see a break in my future... Good news, right?

My sweet visiting teacher invited me for lunch today. I showed up along with several ladies and realized she was hosting a luncheon... Good news, right?

Came home the weather looked great, decided my VERY LONG grass needed mowed. Used whatever gas I had left, oops in went the oil/gas mix... Not good news, right?

Lawnmower started up, seemed to be fine, hit a root of a tree, and the blade went all wonkie on me... Not good news, right?

Finally planted the tomato plants I've had for a week... Good news, right?

Hallie and Laila were watching a cake decorating show, when Hallie told me it smelled like smoke, o.k., ignored her. Hallie came to get me again, it really smells like smoke, mom. Ok, fine go check, and it stinks like burning plastic, with a ton of smoke... Not good news, right?

Apparently she had turned on the heater and it was too close to the couch, you can figure out what happened there...

Some days are not great, other days awesome, and then there are those days, where you are all over the place... Today was an all over the place kind of day.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lucky 13.

I'm hoping that my 3rd root canal, on the same tooth, will be my last. Fun day for me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dinner and An outdoor adventure...

A SUPER EASY recipe for a yummy dinner to go: Asparagus Gruyere Tart

And after an entire afternoon of shoveling mulch, I'm off with the kids to a 'new' park to play.

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

This thing we call life.

Finding Joy Today:

1. My super amazing gym. I enjoyed my first run since the race, I took it easy, my calf muscles are still pissed, but it felt great to get moving. 3 miles is easy.

2. Adventure Central. A day for Hallie to play, use the computer, learn to cook, play outside, just enjoy a day of her spring break!

3. Photography. I taught a class last minute for the young women, and I think it went well! I looked up some old photographs, isn't it great to document our lives through pictures?

4. Sisters. I can count on my sisters anytime. (except for when they are together shopping at Aldi's, WITHOUT ME...)

5. Beautiful Days. I can't seem to get outside enough, these days. Even in the heat, I love being outside. I'm anxiously awaiting Josh to come home so that I can enjoy several runs outside... in preparation for my newest adventure.

6. Marine Corps Marathon. I absolutely love setting goals and achieving them. I dated this guy who told me I could never run the Indianapolis Half Marathon. I hated his arrogance. I ran a half about five years ago, just fine, so there! And now, for me, a goal I've wanted to accomplish for years is on the Horizon. I'm looking forward to having this focus.

And for kicks, I am not thankful for stinky gym guy sitting next to me while I blog.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

77 Degrees

I'm outta here.