Thursday, April 30, 2009

House: Purchased.

We got another house. Yes we BOUGHT one. I know you're saying isn't she crazy???

But A) We wanted to buy because the interest rates are phenomenal.

b) I LOVE to decorate my home.

c) And I still believe I'm helping out the economy.

d) If the market continues to tumble, we can now afford to lose a house - we still will have a place to live - see that logic??

And finally e) we need the tax benefit of owning our own home.

Have NO FEAR, it's another "project" house. BUT, at least livable unlike the last doozy. Also, it has Mountain Views. and if you're from Utah be quiet. Mountains are just different, but still mountains.

Thanks for everyone's prayers, fasting, and just plain worry about us. Things are coming together. Just like always, have the faith... (of course I can say that now, wink wink)


Monday, April 27, 2009

House: Rented.

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I believe the Lord sent these renters to us!! They're from Indiana, and he's an associate pastor at a Methodist Church. Halelujah!!

NOW, we can figure out where WE are going to live...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Before and After.

You can also see some fun OLD pictures of yours truly if you visit HERE.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coming Soon... Before and After shots of a SERIOUS haircut.

For my birthday, I wanted a haircut. Yup, lame, I know. But in these economic times I couldn't justify the expense. So it kept growing and growing, until I realized I could donate a chunk to Wigs4Kids. And with the money from my parents, I scored a haircut - and I think I like it! :) We'll see when I actually do it!

That was a terribly written paragraph, sorry about that, I'm too lazy to redo it though.

Some quick things:

1. LOVING Miss California. You GO GIRL. A genuine woman of character. Wishing her the best. Missed the drama? Check it out here.

2. Obama drama - just not a fan, but eagerly awaiting SOMEONE with my conservative values to take a leadership role... Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?????

3. Still Broke - Still paying for an empty home. SOON, I'm hoping, SOON, we'll rent the place. BUT, reminded recently that broke in this country is no where near broke in other countries... Seriously I have more than some people see in their lifetime. And what else??? It would take a LONG time for me to die of starvation, I've got plenty o' fat stores to last awhile.

4. Thankful for a great ward. I seriously just landed my dream calling - Relief Society Teacher. AWESOME!!!! I'm so excited. Love to teach, love Relief Society, and love the gospel. Plus, it's only once a month.

5. A recent lesson learned: I'll spare you the long version. But simply put, for several years I suffered from an entitlement problem, without actually admitting it. My dad who I've mentioned before was born into poverty and climbed out of it, without a handout. He didn't start earning the big bucks until I was out of the house. My parents struggled financially for a long time, my mom made our clothes, we did NOT get to do lessons or sports of any kind, we NEVER went out to eat, my parents just didn't spend what they didn't have, and that wasn't much. Anyway, fast forward a few years my dad remarried a great woman, with a great daughter. I struggled to see how my dad was able to provide so much more for them. That I was with him through the poor, hard part, and missed out on the abundance when it finally came. Simply put, I felt I was "ENTITLED" to gifts and generosity from him. I never realized this, until THIS AMAZING TALK, said this:

Being provident providers, we must keep that most basic commandment, “Thou shalt not covet” (Exodus 20:17). Our world is fraught with feelings of entitlement. Some of us feel embarrassed, ashamed, less worthwhile if our family does not have everything the neighbors have. As a result, we go into debt to buy things we can’t afford—and things we do not really need. Whenever we do this, we become poor temporally and spiritually. We give away some of our precious, priceless agency and put ourselves in self-imposed servitude. Money we could have used to care for ourselves and others must now be used to pay our debts. What remains is often only enough to meet our most basic physical needs. Living at the subsistence level, we become depressed, our self-worth is affected, and our relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and the Lord are weakened. We do not have the time, energy, or interest to seek spiritual things.

So I'm here to repent. That I owe my dad an apology. That truly no greater financial lesson could he have taught me than to earn what I receive, be grateful when I've been blessed, and to turn around and give, because it always comes back.

Dad, you HAVE been generous, I was blinded by what I thought I was "entitled" to.

You gave me more than anything money could have bought. A life lesson, worthy of learning. Love you, and am praying you feel better!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guess Who's Walking, and other fun stuff...

Finally, Laila is walking... we've only waited 21 months for the big moment! YEAH!!

About a month ago we celebrated St. Patty's Day with Broccoli Soup, Homemade Croutons, Green Apples, and for dessert? Pistachio pudding. Again, I have 4 kids, blogging isn't the top of my list.

Charlotte is ALREADY a Colts fan, thank you Cherri, for the PERFECT gift. James and Sonia, you can find other things HERE for her, or ME, my birthday's next week.

Here's a fun picture of my pre-teen Hallie, mercy she has attitude. I have NO IDEA where she got that.

And this is how Laila Feels:

About Home-Made Doughnuts.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Donuts, Monopoly, anad General Conference.

Home-made Donuts.

Monopoly with Kiddos - even Laila played.


Hope you had a great weekend, too.