Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eyes in the back of my head.

A week ago:

Hallie: "Mom, how did you know I was doing that?"

Mom: "I have eyes in the back of my head!"

Hallie: "Do I have eyes in the back of my head?"

Mom: "Not yet, when you become a parent you get eyes in the back of your head."

Today, Hallie was standing behind me:

"Mom, I don't see eyes in the back of your head!"

Hallie and all other children out there, Trust Me, They're back there! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis the Season

My cards are mailed, FINALLY (the pictures got here yesterday), I sent a few packages, and overall, excited that our family gets to delay the holidays for an extra couple of days. Josh has to work the next four days... apparently terrorists don't celebrate Christmas, and so we will be saving our Christmas Celebration for his return. Instead, I'm thinking of taking the kiddos to a nearby retirement center, and entertain the guests with their craziness. We're also putting together care packages for some soldiers overseas, and Santa is forced to be delayed. I LOVE IT!! Other than Josh being gone, I love that Christmas day means, not a single gift unwrapped. Perfect.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

James, James, James.

Yes, an entire post dedicated to you.

Although, gambling is against MY religion, it was nice of you to share your thoughts on the Colts road to the Super Bowl. The black and gold will go down a second time, and it will be a close, but fantastic battle, in which we win. It's too bad YOU won't get to see it, as the playoffs take place on Sunday.

And one final note, I looked and looked for some Steelers Toilet Paper for my perfect stocking stuffer to myself, no such luck. I am going to figure out how to patent this idea, and make millions off "Steelers Stink" toilet paper.

Friday, December 19, 2008

We're In.

I missed the game, I scrolled through a million channels and could NOT find the game!!!! Oh well, the bed was calling me.

But the Colts have clinched the Wild Card, and are heading to the playoffs. Tony Dungy's last year, and it's going to be another SuperBowl. I know you all doubted me when I first said the Colts would win it, but it would be a harder fought fight.

I don't know why but some people seem to think I don't know everything, I really do. :)

One other side note, now that I found my midwife, Josh thinks we should move by Feb. 1st. My due date Feb. 15th., Due date for the Army to move us for free? Feb. 10th. Apparently he's lonely without us, isn't that sweet? MY LIFE IS CRAZY, SO MUCH FOR NORMAL BIRTHING EXPERIENCES!! I can see the headlines now:

WOMAN DELIVERS BABY IN FRONT OF GOD, FAMILY, AND I-295. Family's Son, dials 911, while 4 year old delivers baby. (she knows what to do after all those books she saw in the midwife's office) I have to laugh, or I'll cry... or scream.

Anyway, the COlTS are in, and maybe I'll get to watch the Super Bowl from my Hospital Room!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A visit to the Midwife

I know why I haven't "missed" the appointments all that much.

We got there early, she was quick, but then we had the hour glucose test, so after two hours of the hospital, the girls were READY to leave.

Hallie was playing with a birthing ball at the Midwife's office, Cheerios were spewn everywhere by Laila, Hallie kept wanting me to read these VERY GRAPHIC children's books about birth that had me scared, Laila fell out of the plastic chair and hit her head, 20 minutes later, a comment box in the lab was pulled down by the chain pen ON HER HEAD..., the plan number was missing from the insurance information, a snow, sleet storm came while we were there, and so I was afraid of an early dismissal for Colson, and to top it off I had to listen to Obama on fox news, about his Secretary of Education appointment, another Chicago guy. I think it's funny we have a president-elect that is so inexperienced the only people he knows are from Chicago (CHICAGO-Home to the most ethical on the planet!!). I couldn't even grumble because I know I was the only one in the room that likely didn't vote for the man. I mean where was Jeapardy, or The Price is RIght?

But for the update, we heard the heartbeat it sounded great, I am measuring a few days bigger than where I am, and I weigh as much as a cow, give me a few months, and I'll have the milk to prove it.

LOVED the midwife - and am truly excited!! I think I just might have the perfect birthing story, after FOUR tries.

I'm thrilled to have my sister take some maternity portraits while she is here, FOR FREE. Well, it my cost me some food...

I talked to a friend today, and I'm just relishing in these last few months of being pregnant, feeling the baby move, I told her this is it for me, I'm in no hurry, even though I'm a bit crabby and uncomfortable, I'm done after this. No more miraculous alien movements, it's exciting, and scary, a little sad, and well, emotional... No surprise there. But it's happening, and no turning back now. Here S/HE comes!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Prenatal care, or lack thereof.

There's no denying the glorious roundness of my middle region (or back side for that matter), or the standard pack of tums that has now entered the car, diaper bag, and night stand. If these signs weren't enough perhaps it would be my effervescent personality shining through. I am in fact "with child". I'm sure I will be the lucky "Mary" at the beginning of the family's Christmas skit.

With child number four moms tend to get a little laid back. I mean can you seriously remember all of your children's firsts? Or can you even pay attention to details like what's in their mouth. Here's a recent pooh list for Laila (i.e. things we've discovered she's eaten) rubberband, epoxy sticker, sequins, and I believe there was a bit of tinfoil from a Hershey kiss wrapper. I know, who's responsible for her??? Oh is that me?? I think I just pray harder each time.

Needless to say, my prenatal care with number four, is shall we say, lacking. I've been to the doctor once, and had an ultrasound a second time (not at the same office). I was cleared of previa, and never went back! My sisters who get on my case over things like this say, How's your blood pressure, are you measuring normal, etc. Well I don't exactly know. All I do is pay attention to make sure baby has been moving. Fairly scientific, I know. After a few phone calls today, it's official, I found myself a midwife, about a half an hour away, and am thrilled. We share the same birthday, it was meant to be. She called me after a half hour, to find out my situation, I mean when does a doctor call you??? She gave me a brief lecture over my lack of care, but apologized for the only appt. she had this week, which is a half hour. She's like I know you want my time, but this is what I've got, and I'll meet with you for a little longer at my next appointment. Did she just apologize to me? She's already above the photographer.

Anyway, I told Ann, all I cared was that she would be there for me the last three hours of the pregnancy.

I'm getting a bit anxious, but excited, this little miracle is already full of surprises! So no more lectures, I'm on to every other week appts, if I have to...

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here we are, I'm Back!

1. I'm super busy with Christmas Cards, Christmas baking, Math homework, balancing my checkbook, and finding the perfect service opportunity for our family this Christmas Season.

2. We just watched the Christmas Devotional, which was fantastic, worth watching if you missed it!

3. Josh is still coming and going at random intervals, but we get to see him so much more, and although it's not ideal, it's working fine.

4. I am literally 60 days from delivery (approximately), the realty has just not sunk in, remember when I first wrote about it? I am still in shock, but in a much better kind of shock. We're going to be parents for the last time and it feels bittersweet. Please pray that Josh will be in town when the labor starts!

5. Our Christmas Pictures with the professional were highly disappointing, I refuse to mention her name once again, because this is the email I received when I expressed my disappointment:

I'm sorry that you're not more pleased with your photos, you are the first person who has ever expressed anything other than complete satisfaction to me. I understand that professional photos are a big splurge for everyone, that's why I include the digital negatives in my fee and don't charge extra for additional people, etc.
Certainly your husband was very uncomfortable and your kids needed a bit more encouragement and requests for cooperation than most (perhaps it was the morning after Halloween factor?!). Both of those things contributed to more posed, less candid shots.

Did said photographer just blame my husband and kids for the crappy shots?? I mean shouldn't a photographer notice a shoe? or a tag? or an awkward sitting man? or even a scarf twisted, or how about where the center of the picture is? OR how about a picture without one of the family members??? Just wondering...

Here are some of the results, they're not horrible, but with her unprofessional response, I hate them more!

So there you go. And one more thing THIS SISTER is coming to visit at Christmas, I am so Excited!!

I'll try to be on the ball, but you never know... it could be another month!! Thanks for everyone's concern/interest in my blog, you make me feel loved, and that my blog isn't the worst writing you've ever read! Take Care All!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008