Thursday, January 27, 2011

sledding, decluttering, quiet house

I took the kids on an incredible hill - to enjoy the .5 inches of snow. It still rocked. Colson has a scraped up face, Hallie, a scraped up hand, and Laila, a bloody nose. Charlie couldn't 'put her arms down' so she was good. The 2 friends that came with us escaped injury free. Thank Goodness.

I've spent this month decluttering. My dream was to have it done quickly and efficiently that eventually my whole house would look fabulous with everything in its place. Yeah. A dream. Instead I have a garage FULL of crap to get rid of. Still have 'random' projects, drawers, closets, and rooms that I haven't yet made it too. And well, where I started is a mess again, too.

No School today. And a surprise Play Date equals a quiet house were I mastered my inbox. Which is always full of bills to pay, things to do, papers to file, and other various information. It's Cleaned Out, and that feels good.

Overall, a good day.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Overnight Oatmeal

My mom sent me a recipe for overnight oatmeal. I'm giving it a try tonight. I love the idea of hot oatmeal for breakfast straight from the crockpot. If it's any good - I'll share the recipe tomorrow! Good Night all - it's back to the grind!