Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scrapbooking Supplies = Hair Bows

I read this blog all the time, she mentioned using her scrappy supplies for hair bows, and had to try it for Miss Laila, how cute is she? I'm hooked. Why did I wait until she's a YEAR to do the bows.

Also, who remembers THIS POST. Well No Joke this time. The timing is impeccable.

How about that for an update?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Perfect Procrastination

I should be doing laundry so I can pack. I should be mapquesting all my destinations, and there's a whole lot else I need to be getting done. Definitely NOT blogging, however, I am helping host my sisters baby shower in Indiana next week, and well, I HAD to have THIS centerpiece. Time and money were a factor so I made it myself. Then took some pics, and now I'm blogging about it. Lucy, GET TO WORK!! Anyway if you haven't discovered ETSY, you will now! Have a fun week, oh and get to work, you've been reading blogs for way too long! Oh did I mention today is Josh's LAST official day in the Army? SWEET.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

No time for Pics this week!

Me from A to Z

Just for Fun!

A: attached or single. Attached.
B: best friend. Josh and well all the gals to the left of this post. Love all my "peeps" like Marianne would say!
C: Cake or pie. Jamie's Coconut Cake - Sara knows this one - and this is Sara WITHOUT an H.
D: Day of choice. No specific day of the week... Just a sunny one is good for me!
E: Essential item: money/cards/ID. it's the only thing in my "purse". Although recently I'm loving travel sized yummy smelling hand sanitizer.
F: Favorite color. Guess? And maybe a gift card to one of my favorite stores is on it's way! See It pays to read these goofy long entries!
G: Gummy bears or worms. CHOCOLATE COVERED GUMMY CINNAMON BEARS - Thanks for introducing us Brandee. I'll never forget them! :)
H: Hometown. Fort Wayne, Indiana
I: Indulgence. Running shoes. I just can't have cheap ones.
J: Jan or July. January in Hawaii, and July in D.C.
K: Kids. Yes. I've got them, love them, and I'll keep them.
L: Life is incomplete
M: marriage date. December 28, 1999
N: Number of siblings: 2 Sisters.
O: Oranges or apples. Honeybells' from Florida. The most perfect fruit on the planet. And yes I discovered them on the Q. and Yes, I paid an arm and a leg for them. SAWEET!
P: phobias or fears. Bugs, and fear of something happening to my kiddos.
Q: Quotes. "Most days I hate going to work, But Pretzel day, I like Pretzel Day." Name the show??
R: Reason to smile. Josh and his intelligent sense of humor. I love that I laugh SO MUCH and I only understand 75 percent of his humor. Think if I got it all? I would have to wear depends.
S: Season of Choice. FALL By far.
T: Tag. I'm limiting this to just three... nah, you're off the hook!
U: Unknown fact about me. I love to drink milk with ice in it. :)
V: Very favorite store. It's an online store. QVC. I know I'm a dork.
W: Worst habit. Swearing. It's true.
X: x-ray or ultrasound. huh? I've had ultrasounds way more often...
Y: your favorite food. Mexican
Z: Zodiac sign: Taurus, Barely.

Oh and the scoop, we made $75 WHOLE dollars at our yard sale, and showed our house to about 4 people and handed out ten fliers... Not too shabby. The sign is finally up outside and you can find us on Things are moving. Till next week!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Oh where oh where have I been?

The last few weeks have been insanely busy, but also rewarding, here's the scoop:

Utah Trip:

Helped assisted my friend Brandee, with an unexpected c-section, while her hubby was gone to Afghanistan...

For those who have known me in the last 4 years, could understand how close to home this was for me. Dads should be there for the delivery, simple as that! Especially in situations like a 1st c-section!! I totally am wonderwoman, you should have seen me covered in the gear (mask, hat, suit, booties, etc.) from head to toe, with two cameras around my neck, instant messaging daddy, while trying to support Brandee all in the middle of surgery! Total Craziness. Although I do have to say the real wonderwoman is now taking care of three alone for the next ten months!

I did my best, but definitely not the same as if he were there. Brandee I hope you're feeling well, I'm not calling you because you should be sleeping NOT sending me care packages, you goof!

Here's pics of my sweet little "goddaughter" Jillian. The only reason I get to have one, is because I was baptized catholic as a baby, so I'm a mormon catholic, and get to have goddaughters. :)

Next, Friend Reunion, Fort Meade Style:

Spent Saturday and Sunday with my girls from Fort Meade, we had so much fun, chatting, scrapping, shopping, eating, beautifying, with no interruptions from kids or hubbies. Super crazy fun!!

Photographer: EMILY H.
Friend Reunion, Bloomington:

Visited with an old friend from when Josh and I were first married, B.C., I like to call it, Before Colson! She's been through a lot the past several years, but continues to amaze me with her strength and courage. By the way, she's working on being a Biology teacher, and she's single... SO.... PM me later, if you want details! He He, she's going to kill me! :)

Mount Tippenogas Temple Visit...

Sigh, what else can I say, I barely made a session, but spent the afternoon in the calmest, most peaceful place on earth. Pondering my life and big decisions, left feeling lightened, and with the knowledge that it was time to move on. SAY WHAT????

Leading me to what I've been doing for the last two weeks. Insanely working on preparing our house (more befores) for selling: Remember the Befores?? Well here are the afters:

AND Laila at ELEVEN months... Wowsers... Time Flies! While attempting her photo shoot, I thought I would try again to get the three together, no such luck. Their smiles were so fake, so I tried to get a real laugh and told them to pick their nose. Of course they were obedient then!! Goofy kiddos! :)

So, please don't take it personal if I haven't returned an email, made a phone call, or anything else. We have been swamped. I mean, why would I have a normal summer? Can you recall the last one? Oh my. Here we go again. Wish us luck! Hopefully I can be in touch a little more often.