Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Moving Mayhem

I guess I should focus on the important thing - the dream I've wanted for so long - I'm a homeowner. I find it so hard to look past the here and now to enjoy the possibilities ahead of us. I am just so overwhelmed with the packing, cleaning, sorting, etc., not to mention the normal stuff that continues on like laundry, dinner, and bathtime, oh and the bills, too! Wow is it a lot, I haven't even mentioned I'm a new mom! However, I have some amazing friends that are really helping out, and I do love to purge and today was my last garbage day, so I've really been working hard to throw out a bunch of stuff, and it just feels great!! We went to the dentist today (yes, I've managed to continue to do the things I need to for whatever reason things like this aren't postponed) it was alright news, Colson has a couple cavities, which is so wierd because the dentist just checked him six months ago, and didn't even have watches for anything. Oh well, I guess monitoring the brushing hasn't been happening like it should. I'll be working on that. Anyway, I really do need a recheck, and to focus on the thing that I'm most excited about - my new house. :) Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

By the way, here's our latest little one - and a surprise from one of those amazing friends... the pink entry when we came home from the hospital! (oh and focusing on the good things - this crappy entry to military housing, is the last of it!! YEAH!!)

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