Thursday, July 26, 2007

So much to do So little time.

Well my kiddos are off to a friends, to help me try and finish up the final things here at the house, but sometimes I just look around, and want to scream, there's so much to do - I decided to completely finish the upstairs tonight, and then, I'll only have the downstairs and the outside to do tomorrow. I'm hoping for good moving weather tomorrow, and I've got a few other things to do, but hopefully Laila will cooperate, and without the other two, I should be able to get a lot done, thanks Viviane!! I've only got a few boxes left, so hopefully I can fit the junk in!! Also, I went up to the house today and they had removed all of the subfloor, and had installed our shower, it looks so good!! I'm thrilled. I also ordered all of our appliances, ouches to the wallet! I can't believe the expense of everything that goes with a new house. I did my best to stay within my budget, and I did pretty good. The only real splurge was the fridge. It is SO BIG!! I'm excited about that! I also saw some sketches of my kitchen, and that's just as exciting. There's going to be a little desk area, and the cupboards are going to the sealing. So much more space! I'm hoping Josh is going to be able to do the move, he's going to be up all night. I guess at least he's had a good week's worth of sleep unlike us! That's it for now, keep checking back, and the house will be done, sooN!

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