Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If you drive a white van could you please come to the fitting room?

This was the page I was hearing over and over at Target this morning. YES. I drive a white mini van, no, I don't have a clue what my license plate is. I guess after the 2nd or 3rd time I thought I would check it out.

Well, ma'am, did you park over there? (pointing).


Someone hit your car and drove off. We didn't get a tag number.

How bad is it?

Come with me.

I get out my phone and call police, as my heart is racing, I can NOT believe this is happening. (Did I mention that Josh's car was hit a couple of weeks ago in the parking lot)

I'm talking to the operator, when I walk up to my car, and look all around it, "I don't think it was me, I don't see it."

Here comes the Target employee, and she said No, it's over here, we go look at the back end of this van. It has a smashed in back door - a LOT of damage.

I was way too thankful that it wasn't me. Is that bad?? I'm so sorry to the owner of the Chrysler Town and Country white van, It stinks. I know how you feel (Josh's car).

And to you BIG LOSERS out there who hit cars and then take off. Comeuppance is my favorite word. Just for you.


Brandi said...

Once in the parking garage at Walter Reed I watched an old guy in a buick back into another car, completely smashing in the corner of the parked car. The old guy got out, looked at HIS OWN car, and then drove off.

I wrote down his plate number and called the MPs. He denied it was him when they went after him, until WRAMC security found the footage on one of their cameras. I even got to go to court and testify for the guy whose car was hit. It was worth the drive to court to bring that old guy down.

Lindsay said...

I don't understand how someone can hit a parked car THAT hard! (unless they are drunk or blind) When I was working at the Nile, a guy backed into my brand new car, while I watched, I ran out and yelled at him, but luckily there was no damage. Plus, my only table in there saw it happen, and we laughed at his stupidity, and they left me a big tip.