Monday, June 07, 2010

Marathon Training Day 1

Three cheers for my "Running Coach". He's a volunteer, you could say... Not getting paid, I think I might be his 'experiment'. He really believes in me. Something that might just come in handy on mile 24. Just a hunch. But he's set a plan for me... a really thorough plan. So I plugged away at my 3 mile tempo run today, and I felt entirely out of shape?!? But it still felt great!

I'm sorry if you're not a fan of running. I think my blog has shifted to this focus, because hey, it's my focus these days! I will try to post pictures of my kiddos as soon as possible. It seems that's all anybody really wants to see!

Hopefully, I will pop in a little more frequently, but you never know, summer is just around the corner...


Linds said...

way to go! and where do you get a running coach?!? you ARE serious about this!

Lucy said...

The Running coach is a friend at church! He's a military guy and works at NGIC. His wife and I see each other at the gym regularly... and they have kids our kids' ages!! Works out great!