Wednesday, July 16, 2014

To my Mormon Daughters,

Hallie, Laila, and Charlotte,

I have no idea what the future holds for you as Mormon women that belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But, right now, there is quite a stir among Mormon women, thanks to one woman in particular, Kate Kelly. She has started a movement to get women ordained to the Priesthood, because she feels like there is inequality in the church. Because she so fervently preached this message, and then recruited others to follow her, she was excommunicated for her choices, which means she lost precious blessings that had been bestowed upon her. There were many people that felt this was an inappropriate conclusion, or were disappointed, or saddened by the decision. Other women have come out to express their opinions. And it seems that only those that agree with this woman are considered brave. I, disagree. I want you to know what I think is brave, and courageous.

As your mother, I know you better than almost everyone. I know your scars, wounds, joys, celebrations, and sorrows. I would like to think I know what's best for you, and in most cases I probably have a good idea. But, there is another that knows you better than I, and that is your Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows you, He loves you.  He has carried you far longer than I have. He is the person you need to turn for peace. He is the person you should emulate, He is your salvation. I don't know why your Heavenly Father chose His Son, but He did, His boy. I don't understand all that God offers, but I am absolutely trying to feel the atoning power in my life. Without this healing balm, I would be nothing. And so as Daughters of God, I want you to celebrate your gender, and understand the divine role you play in administering in the Kingdom of God. But, as a word of caution, the world is going need brave women. Women who stand with Christ. I dare you, girls, to always seek first the Kingdom of God, be brave, and do hard things, even when you might feel unsure, insecure, or alone. Our Father in Heaven needs you, His Son needs you. Have faith in Him, He will not lead you astray.

I love you.



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