Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Vacation

Instead of going on vacation, we're here, at home. enjoying things like our play set, our gym membership, local events, and friends close by.

My summers usually consist of trips to the orchard, or zoo, or water park, or even a trek home to Indiana. But this year, we haven't done those things. We've spent time at home.

We've worked on our house: painted shudders, doors, the basement, replaced the damaged carpet, spread mulch (26 Cubic feet of mulch to be exact), painted an accent wall in the living room (RED of course), hung pictures, replaced hardware, finished the bathroom project.

We've also worked on our marriage. Talking, time together, dating, not to mention all the previous projects we've worked on together, and instead of watching TV at night, we've gone back to the beginning when we didn't have TV and read in bed at night. Our marriage has never been typical, and never on the top of our priority list, finances, kids, jobs, and moves took up a lot of our time. For the first time, we are making it a priority. Things have changed. We've changed. It's kind of crazy to see where we have come all of these years. We both were so unsure and yet attempted to navigate ourselves through this life of ours. It's been an incredible journey, of ups, downs, joys, sorrows, laughs and tears.

Sometimes I wonder why I write about the things I write about. Why do I sometimes share TOO much? I think because we are on this journey together. I don't have my life together, and I'm d*mn sure you don't either. So as I continue to "Find" joy in my journey, sometimes it gets a little ugly before it's pretty. It's not always rainbows and lollipops - that's for you Collette!

However, I know one thing for sure. Never would I amount to anything if I didn't know what I know. I know there is a purpose in this life. I know there is a Savior. I know that some things don't make sense, some trials seem too difficult to bear, that our hearts ache for peace. How do we ever make it through?

We have to TRUST the purpose. Have faith that His plan is better than our plan. We must forgive. We have to let go. We have to "give more than we get". (Michael Buble ;)) We have to serve, love, and press on.

Changing our hearts isn't easy. In fact, its down right impossible on your own. But I believe in miracles. I hope you do, too.

Happy Summer.


Jamie said...

I believe in miracles! Your posts always inspire me so thanks for writing about what you do. You're awesome Lucy!

Collette said...

One day we will have our rainbows and lollipops, right? Ok...well maybe not...but we can always hope for them....and cry, laugh, and help others on this journey called life til' then.

MaryRuth said...

I always love your posts... and you always discuss something I need. Me and my husband definitely need to be working on our marriage... struggling and I'm not ok with that.

love ya!