Thursday, June 18, 2009

B.O. and National Defense.

Almost as awesome as B.O. and the Economy.

Only 1341 days till the next president. Who's counting??

True to my word - I'm focusing on what I can do, and strengthening families, which we know strengthens societies.

We believe that the family is the basic unit of society. You can’t have a strong community without strong families. You can’t have a strong nation without strong families—the father, the mother, the children as one unit working together. Now the family is falling apart all over America, all over the world. If we can just cultivate good, wholesome family life among our members, I don’t worry very much about the future of this Church” (interview with Ignacio Carrión, El País [Mexico], 7 Nov. 1997). - President Hinckley

Here's an organization you can help with.

With the death of the abortion doctor in Kansas, I can't help but think there's a better option - check it out here.

And finally, do you know YOUR CONGRESSMAN?? Be an educated voter, do your research. Hope this helps!

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Chapman Family said...

He's pissing me right off. Every day I just shake my head and tell myself that we are in BIG trouble. Did you know that he sent terrorists to Bermuda WITH pay??? And limited the CIA's interrogations? And he plans to siege "strategic businesses" of America?? (Well, he just said that it is a great idea.) So much for harboring terrorist and free enterprise... and say goodbye to capitalism... of for the love! I can vent all the live long day!

He scares me to death... I still think he is one of THEM! Wolf in sheep's clothing for sure!