Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sewer Grinder Update:

My bad... A sewer grinder pumpy thingy costs $1500 not the $800 I had previously reported. This does NOT include labor, to install it.


On the bright side closing costs went from $293 to $52.


{leah} said...

At least you are finding joy in the journey.... In all it's many faucets.

Chapman Family said...

ug. But it's yours. Aaaaaall yours. ;)

Kylene said...

Okay, with your original post I was reading that as something that had do do with a sewing machine and I was going to tell you to just buy a new dang machine. (Maybe its my pile of projects leaving me with sewing on my brain) But ya, I'm glad that anything to do with sewage got fixed :p