Friday, December 19, 2008

We're In.

I missed the game, I scrolled through a million channels and could NOT find the game!!!! Oh well, the bed was calling me.

But the Colts have clinched the Wild Card, and are heading to the playoffs. Tony Dungy's last year, and it's going to be another SuperBowl. I know you all doubted me when I first said the Colts would win it, but it would be a harder fought fight.

I don't know why but some people seem to think I don't know everything, I really do. :)

One other side note, now that I found my midwife, Josh thinks we should move by Feb. 1st. My due date Feb. 15th., Due date for the Army to move us for free? Feb. 10th. Apparently he's lonely without us, isn't that sweet? MY LIFE IS CRAZY, SO MUCH FOR NORMAL BIRTHING EXPERIENCES!! I can see the headlines now:

WOMAN DELIVERS BABY IN FRONT OF GOD, FAMILY, AND I-295. Family's Son, dials 911, while 4 year old delivers baby. (she knows what to do after all those books she saw in the midwife's office) I have to laugh, or I'll cry... or scream.

Anyway, the COlTS are in, and maybe I'll get to watch the Super Bowl from my Hospital Room!


Crystal said...

If you gave birth on the road, you'd be famous and probably get goodies from Oprah for it. It has its perks besides the free move. :D

Shhh...don't tell anyone...I took some tylenol cold stuff. I wanted Cheyenne to look in the books at work to see what effect if had on pregnant ladies but apparently he was "working" all day. Pshya. Then when I picked him up from work the doctor he works with (also in our branch) was like, "yeah, just sudafed...if I were you I'd get some tissues with lotion or your nose will be raw." Oh, thanks so much for your help.

becca said...

awe well, I can totally see you delivering that baby on a freeway!

Lindsay said...

I heard on NPR yesterday that Tony Dungy is the first coach in the history of football that has taken his team to the playoffs 10 years in a row. I'm not a huge football fan, but GO COLTS!!!

Leah said...

At least that'll be a birthing story that very few can top!

Anonymous said...

Hate to burst your bubble on this one, Lucy. Although, the last good quality team they beat was the **AHEM** Steelers. Of the last 10 teams they've played, SEVEN have gosh-awful losing records. Dungy and Manning are going to be horribly disappointed come playoff time. The road to the Super Bowl will go through Pittsburgh, Sister. My money says they don't beat the Black and Gold twice... -James