Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A quickie.

NO, not THAT kind... I'm 38 weeks prego give me a break!

1. We move like tomorrow.
2. I am ZERO cm dilated.
3. We have had ONE showing.
4. Obama passes law (I guess lifts a ban) to use my tax dollars to fund abortions internationally in his FIRST week of office. SO EXCITED about the next four years... If only I could spend an entire blogpost on B.O.!
5. I need new bras, do they sell them in cantaloupe sizes??
6. Totally did NOT call my father in law on his birthday, we are LAME...nevermind I set up my phone, you know my brain, to beep at me for important things like that, and STILL missed it.
7. My aunt is coming tomorrow to rescue me, thank goodness!
8. I'm mapquesting hospitals from here to VA, just in case.
9. No internet = No fun
10. If you file bankruptcy, do you pay the lawyer? Just curious. wink. wink.

I've missed you all!


MaryRuth said...

If I were local I would so come help... I'd take your kids, help you pack, bring you dinner and massage your feet. No pregnant woman should have to deal with what you're dealing with right now.

I can not stand B.O. I was BEYOND furious when I heard about the abortion thing. So he can pay to murder babies butI can't get my insurance to help me with my fertility issues?????????

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want to go in to labor call me and we'll talk B.O. and I'll get you worked up enough that it will send you in to labor :)

Crystal said...

I'm only have 2 more weeks. Or less! I'm so tired of people telling me "32 weeks, you're almost there" Yeah, right.

I hope all goes well with the move! GL!

becca said...

I personally love a good quickie!! Thanks for the update! ;-) Love ya sis! Thinking of you this weekend and always.

Chapman Family said...

Obamo is Lamo!! Hope all goes well chica! Stay tough. Glad your aunt will be there soon. I will be awaiting your new post...

Emily said...

Good luck with the move and everything! I wish I could be there to help.

KCaldwellmom said...

lucy, glad to see your quickie posted...
hang in there with that baby, it will come soo enough. :)
take care girlie, looking forward to you being back...

Gwenda said...

We've missed you too! So glad we have the blogging world to still keep in touch after you leave! You'll be greatly missed.

{leah} said...

We've been through the bankrupcy thing... email if you have any questions you want answered before hand.