Monday, March 30, 2009

The Latest:

I made it to six weeks, this is usually just a milestone Josh is excited about, but this time, we were both happy to get here for more reasons than one.

House Hunting- in progress, almost a decision.

Job-we have a new possibility - I am NOT prepared to talk about this. But who doesn't love our life?? Always something.

Kids - So Fun. We love each of them, and they seriously take up all of my time, between Colson's school, homework, cub scouts, and reading; Hallie's Ballet, and Storytimes; Laila's physical therapy, and speech therapy, and Charlotte's Doctors' appt.s, and lots of diaper changes, I have very little time to blog. We find ourselves laughing a lot more, even though life is still stressful. At this point, we've thrown up our hands and play it by ear. My bathrooms never looked worse, my kitchen is constantly open, and well six stacks of laundry is quite the task. But we still manage to play games, take hikes, look for houses, and make do on little cash.

Life is busy, but good.

Take a little time to enjoy your journey, wherever it takes you.


Barb Zinn said...

LOVE your attitude.........
and you can see you are finding "joy in the journey"
I am so proud of you and the wonderful mother you are!

Crystal said...

How great that you can still find joy in your journey. :) I'm having a hard time doing that right now.

MaryRuth said...

Love your positive attitude! Hope everything falls in to place for you!

{leah} said...

At least you have each other!!! Lucy I love your out look on life. Every time I read your blog I look at my own likfe and re-evaluate it. I want to make sure that I have the same happy outlook as you do.

{or at least the one that you write about;) }