Thursday, March 12, 2009

Simple Joys.

1. girls sleeping, lots of girls sleeping.
2. mini cadburry eggs.
3. a job, and a place to live.
4. living in so many great places.
5. meeting so many great friends in great places.
6. internet, my cooking has improved dramatically with thousands, millions of recipes at my fingertips.
7. Blue Ridge Mountains.
8. 70 degrees in March, twice.
9. craigslist.
10. The Gospel.


Jamie and Brian said...

Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite candy ever! Really anything with Cadbury chocolate is my favorite (except the big cream eggs - too much sweet). As for the other simply joys, I agree with them as well. Here's to more joy!

becca said...

great list! i love craigslist too, since they had my oven!!!

Lindsay said...

Must be nice to have #3, because as of Saturday we will have neither! PANIC!!!

Chapman Family said...

Ooo. I like the big ones! :) Great list.