Sunday, August 09, 2009

2 acres + Beautiful = an insane amount of work.

This we know. Why we can't buy a house with landscaping is BEYOND me. Josh and I don't mind yard work, be we find ourselves regularly in over our heads... Yesterday (MY IDEA) to clean out from under the cedar trees in the front yard in preparation for a truck load of mulch. Ridiculous. We don't have a chainsaw and so we just hacked away at the lower 3 feet of branches, with a hand saw.

We literally worked from 9 - 5 on the front yard, pulling, sawing, using the mower to haul the yard junk to the MASSIVE burn pit we have in the back yard.

FHE tomorrow - Bonfire, with smores...

Did I mention we haven't touched the backyard yet??

WE NEED SERVICE - any takers?? :) Oh wait, we have company coming in the next couple of weeks! I have just the project!


Swint said...

Remind us not to visit.

SheL said...

Hey Lucy! Thank you for stalking me =) I am super excited to meet you. Not only do you love football, (which is SO awesome in a girlfriend) you even play hand & foot! It is going to be an awesome weekend =)

Lindsay said...

I have a similar situation, the good part is that it's not 2 acres, the bad part is that it's in the 100's and we have to watch out for rattle snakes and tarantulas.