Friday, August 28, 2009

It happened to me.

Back to school night, Hallie's Kindergarten class, and the Pledge.

A man from another country not sure which, expressed his concern over his kid saying the pledge. The teacher handled it great, saying he wouldn't have to participate.

Why does this make my blood boil??

I mean we are in the United States of America. Perhaps a history lesson could be in order - as the country was started because of religious reasons. So YES, we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD. You have issues with taking an oath/pledge to the flag, or that God was a part of the creation of this country?? No problem, Go somewhere else. No one is FORCING people to stay here, or even be here for that matter.

I just don't want to lose what we hold sacred, the history of how we became who we are. It was not easy to gain the freedoms we have today. You don't want to say the pledge. Fine. But by all means. I'll say it, I want my kids to say it, don't take away MY RIGHTS, to believe in this country, and to believe that God, Himself, watches over this great land.


MaryRuth said...

amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10000000000%!!!!!

Chapman Family said...

I am right there with you. That drives me nuts.