Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do Your Best.

Our family's motto for the year. We stole some great ideas from Nie Nie for a back to school feast, and enjoyed a toast, made crowns for the back to school kiddos, and Colson and Hallie also received Back to school blessings.

Do your best, in all that you do.

I am greatful for Josh's contribution to this year's theme. and we hope to take it seriously.

What is my best? Not sure, but I'm going to set some goals to figure it out!

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Brandee said...

Very cool! I love the nieniedialogues blog. Makes me really think about the person I am and what I complain about as my "hardships". I could see you doing a lot of the cute stuff she does with her kids. And you can actually bake...unlike some people I know...

...but hey, I can do a mean organizing job on a closet! :)