Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hand and Foot

A long time ago, these two women were my partners in crime. We served together, and we had a few amazing experiences which bonded us forever.

We then began splitting up, only to be reunited once again in a small town.

Finally we all went our separate ways, scattered across the United States. Staying in touch via texting, phone calls, and emails. And then, for 24 hours, we found ourselves and our families together again for one late night game of cards. It felt great to see Viviane and Sonia, and their kiddos, again!!

Sonia who keeps our acts together wanted to say a prayer before everyone left, so there in my living room 16 people knelt down and thanked Heavenly Father for the blessing of friends.

Till we meet again, girls! I'll keep safe the card bowl and sorry I had to win TWICE!!


Gwenda said...

The three of you are blessed with a great bond of friendship!

Erick said...

so glad to hear you had fun with your buddies!

Chapman Family said...

Love it! I miss those ladies too. I'm glad you guys got to be together.

Crystal said...

jealous! You ladies are all super fun and super miss-able. glad you guys got to spend some time together.

{leah} said...

Aren't friends great!!!

I heard a saying that... Family are the friends that you are given, Friends are the family that you choose.