Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Again I attempted the impossible.

The Seasonal Christmas Card Photo.

Why? Do you really want to see my children this time of year? Who do I do this for? Is it for me? For three of the past Christmas' I leave me out because Josh is out, so it would be weird to have just me and the kids. Last year I paid. An arm AND a leg, AND another arm and leg, to get semi-decent pictures. Still, why?

Now I've created this unfortunate tradition for me. I dressed up the kids in their SO CUTE matching outfits, got creative again and drove the tractor with the trailer out to the front yard. Set up my pose - Colson driving the three girls. I took at least 100 photographs. Seriously. Do you think I would get ONE amazing shot? Nope. So after all the work of getting them in their outfits, I have one final hope for my picture.

Becca, My Sister, A graphic designer, PLEASE HELP ME. I made her promise that since it was MY IDEA for her to go back to school I can get her assistance for free. But if YOU want some help editing your family's Christmas Portrait (I'm assuming I'm not the only one with unfortunate luck) I bet she could help you, too. (for a fair fee) I'm thinking she could photoshop my kids faces on some other fabulously taken photograph???

Laila has gotten into the Chocolate Chips and the Ginger snaps for breakfast, my house is a mess, and I'm blogging. Where are my priorities? I better get going she's signing for water. Wishing you and yours a blissful holiday season.

Please Remember the Veterans TODAY and ALWAYS. So many soldiers are alone for the holidays, what can you do? You can DONATE a "care package" here.


slopsemafamily said...

I did it too! I made my kids get dressed up in their Christmas photo clothes since we aren't getting ours taken with Jason's family until the 19th of December this year. I settled on one because I just didn't have another photo session in me. Let me know how it goes with the PhotoShop!

Monique said...

I think we need the proof... :) I CAN imagine it. ug.

Micah-n-Holly said...

Man, What a WOMAN you are Lucy!! First the bathroom and now the Christmas Card photos!! I still think you should send them out! It would definitely be a moment to remember!! And definitely one to laugh about in the years to come!!!

becca said...

send the pics my way Luc, I will work my magic. Sounds like a very cute idea too!