Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Charlie!

You might remember this post. I can't believe it has been a year since we've been here. What a crazy journey we've been on. I just didn't want this day to go by without a post on my sweet charlie girl.

She is a scooter!! I know it. Here we go again, darn it! At least she makes more noise than Laila did, so I don't think we have the same problems ahead of us.

She reaches out her hands to say "come get me", it's so cute!!

She has 7 teeth.

She LOVED the cupcake today.

She is regularly injured by her 2 year old sister. Poor thing!

She laughs a lot, and for the most part is a happy baby.

She is the worst sleeper, because I won't let her cry! She's my baby... and I'm clinging to that. It's still a little sad for me.

Her birthday was a little lame. Just us. We did cupcakes, and the kids sang. I took video on my ipod, downloaded it to the computer and can't find it. Figures.

Happy Birthday, my baby girl!


Watashi no Uchi said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!! We love you and miss you!!!

Linds said...

Happy Birthday Caboose! I'm glad that you broke your blogging silence to share this. I miss you and hope that we can catch each other on the phone one of these days. Phone tag is getting old!