Sunday, August 05, 2007

The 1st Weekend Home

This has been a rough week. I will say that. Some of you know the details, and Josh and I are still working through some things. But all I have to say is we are blessed with some amazing and gracious friends who are going through some tough times, and we just hope that they are doing o.k. If you read this, we're thinking of you.

So with this horrible week we decided to come up here early and you know about the no sink issue but we're working through it, and I wanted to send you some pictures to update the progress on our move -notice a few things... Paint, Floors, and toilet/tub. This is where we are now. Oh, and obviously unpacking. The work goes on!

We hope you are doing well, we wish you the best.



Crystal Culp said...

somehow your email address got tossed in my spam box, i just figured this out today, so i came rushing here to see your fun blog stuff! The bathroom looks great! or at least it does from the picture.

Becca said...

moving is such a mess!! looks good tho. I can already see the beauty behind the green, appliance-free walls!! lookin good... keep unpacking!!