Monday, August 13, 2007

Hard Days Ahead

Last night was rough, but we're up and moving today, ready for the day. We're going to tackle this experience one day at a time. I think the "garden" is calling my name today and we're going to go to the grocery and to Colson's school to register him. That's exciting.

Also, a special experience for dad and Colson last night. Josh was getting some things together and couldn't find his movie case. We had a family home evening a while back about the Holy Ghost and how he can help us. I told a story about how I had lost my glasses as a little girl and we said a prayer to find them, and my big sis found them. So when we lose things around here, you often find Colson on his knees somewhere praying we'll find it. Anyway, Colson said a prayer to help daddy and sure enough, the thought pops into Josh's mind, where to look. Guess what?? He found it!! I love the faith of little children - they don't have the pessimistic life experience to interfere.

During difficult times it is our faith that gets us through, specifically the knowledge of eternal families. I've been challenged by the missionaries to give away a Book of a Mormon. So if you're reading this, and want to learn more take a minute to look at this site. And if you want one, contact me, I'll send one your way.

Remember find Joy in your Journey!

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Becca said...

what temple is that Lucy? very pretty picture.

Colson is a sweetie. what a cute story!!