Thursday, August 02, 2007

Laila at 1 month

I haven't taken professional pictures since Hallie was one. That experience put me over the edge. Thus I'm left on my own to make sure to try and keep photos coming of the kids. Here is my favorite shot from my recent photo shoot with Laila. My poor kids have a future of unwanted photo shoots. It's the price they must pay for being stuck with a scrapbooking mom. I can't believe, a month has gone by. I think I did more this month than I had in the last year. I was thinking to myself, that was a quick month, but really it was just a busy one.

I know having Laila seemed like bad timing, but really she provided something for us, peace. Little ones bring peace. They've just come from their Heavenly Father's arms into ours. How lucky we are. We were sitting at the dinner table yesterday and sitting in someone else's house, and it was a little wierd to be in our situation, who would have guessed our recent road, and as I looked at our ever growing family, I thought again about our blessings. We have been so fortunate, some would say unlucky with other parts of our life, but would I trade the three healthy, beautiful children for a blissful Army life?? Never. I'll take poverty and misfortune in the Army for healthy happy children anyday.

Laila, Colson, and Hallie, my cup runneth over. I love you three. Josh, thanks for giving me three beautiful children. I love you.

Lucky Lucy.

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Becca said...

hey Lucy, this is a beautiful picture!! just lovely. what a sweet girl. love that chubby pink arm and fluff of hair fuzz. darling! You are blessed!