Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Fridge.

Problem: Little boys and girls in the fridge. Solution: Bottom Freezer, Top Fridge.

Oh yes, this is a joy in my journey, nevermind it's in the dining room and has a red extension cord running through the living room to one of the few three hole outlets... We LOVE this fridge.

It's huge, I don't even know if I'll ever have enough food in it to keep it full. It's the largest fridge we've ever had, it's the only one where we've had an ice maker - oh what joy....

It was really the biggest splurge in the house - I didn't even go all out to get the water/ice in the door (the kids mess too much) but still a splurge.

Looks like we've had a bit of a setback... our cabinets are in, but no one to install them - so we're going to have to wait until next Tues and Wed. but then we should have a kitchen!!!!!! YEAH!!

I keep thinking though, this is saving us money because, we're not using a dishwasher and we're not using an oven... heck, we're not even using the light in the kitchen.
I find it funny how particular I am now about leaving lights on. O.k. dad and mom, your words are echoing in my head (Who left the light on??) When you're paying the bills, it makes a big difference.

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Becca said...

OH what a beauty fridge!! kitchens are overrated. I think having the fridge in the DR is more practical. Saves footsteps. OH and idea... why not put your scrap supplies in the big ole' fridge... Im sure you will have room!

Welcome, BTW, to homeownership!!