Wednesday, August 29, 2007


O.k. so technically Colson did it, but my oh my was it hard on Mommy all day! I went to pick him up and this was the joyful Guy I picked up - doesn't he look even bigger this afternoon?? He said he went to Music class but he doesn't get to play instruments for a WHOLE YEAR!! He was bummed about that. He then talked about his job to do and he's the "Afternoon Lunch Count" Person. He gets to take everyone's name off the lunch list and put them back "like bricks" (on the chalkboard) he said. He came home with a book order - of course. And a fundraising packet... No thank you. But, he talked about a Gingerbread story, and he brought home a book that he read, it was about Best Friends. The School Principal just called to ask if Colson had a good first day of school, I mean what??? That was so cool! He made some friends at recess and played tag, he also ate Chicken Nuggets for lunch, Strawberry Milk, Juice, and Tator Tots. Hallie was a mess all day without her Brother, Aunt Suzanne allowed me a nap - which was the only way to get through the day. And Laila has been a sport through everything. I even managed Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies for his first day of school. Colson also read "The Kissing Hand" and then they sent his hand home for me to write a note, and I put some lipstick on, and left him with a kiss as well, just in case he misses me. I know he won't!! Daddy, we know you wanted to be here - Hope this is a good enough explanation - We miss you!!

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Becca said...

sounds like a great first day! how awesome the principal called! wow! We love the Kissing hand, great book for school.