Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years ago today.

I was in a small 2 bedroom apt. that cost 410 a month. I had a boy, 7 months old, one car, and my husband was on campus studying East Asian Studies. We had no t.v., and very few posessions, we were close to celebrating 2 years of marriage.

I remember being in the second bedroom, Playing with Colson, I was holding him, and the phone rang. My frantic older sister was calling she knew I didn't have a T.V. She told me that planes were crashing into buildings, and told me what she knew, and at that point, no one knew much. I asked her if she was sure, and I remember asking her if she was sure it wasn't a movie that she was watching. I know, duh. It just was impossible for me to comprehend.

I ran downstairs with Colson to my 90 yr old neighbors house, and together one life about to end, and another just begun, and watched everything unfold.

I eventually left, called a neighbor that had an extra T.V. and borrowed it. I was glued to it for weeks.

Little did I know my husband would take an active and important role in fighting for our nation's liberty. We hadn't even comprehended the military as a career choice at that point. And yet for two of the anniversary's since 9/11 Josh has spent time in some "interesting" places.

Today, eight years later, I think about this country what we've been through, how we came together shortly after, and there was a united front in the war on terror. And watching as President Bush NEVER BACKED DOWN. Perhaps he was determined to a fault, who's to say?

I haven't forgot. I won't forget, and I hope you won't either. There is EVIL in the world. LOTS of it. And to the men and women serving this nation, in the armed forces, and political offices that have sworn to protect this nation against ALL enemies FORIEGN and DOMESTIC, do your duty with honor, don't back down, and remember this day.


Chapman Family said...

Thanks for this Lucy. Awesome post.

Collette said...

Your post made me cry. I went to work two days ago. People hardly mentioned 9/11. I remember where I was and the emotion I felt that day when I heard the news. I still get emotional on 9/11. I am grateful for people like Josh and my Dad who served our country and people who are still serving our country. Thank-you Josh!