Friday, September 25, 2009

I hate to say I told you so... BUT.

I'm having trouble finding the people that can turn a positive spin on this Obama Presidency.

I used to think B.O. was doing o.k. in Afghanistan, but now he's showing weakness. My friend Emily and I were chatting and she made such a good point. She said either put the troops where they're needed, or get them out of there. I mean taking no stance is worse than either of the other two choices here.

At least Bush knew what he wanted. I mean he was accused of being a bully, but seriously at least you knew where he stood.

Obama is a wreckless disaster. Health Care Reform = a total mess, Guantanamo = Total Mess, Foreign Policy=total mess, Czars - huh????, Spending = need I say more. (I didn't even mention Acorn)

I remember watching him walk out to take the oath (botched) and he seriously looked like he didn't have a clue. And now, we see, he didn't. Everyone criticized Sarah Palin, as if "on the job" training would be the worst case scenario. Well now we're seeing what it looks like. And it's a lot scarier when it's the President.

And I'm just going to go here, because I've heard that those who oppose B.O.'s policies are doing so because of race. Well, I believe that there are those who use that card, that if Obama were able to solve all the world's problems there would be those who would still not like him because of his Race. It's unfortunate, ignorant, and unbecoming of a true Patriot. However, I submit, that there are those, who do not like Me, because of the color of my skin (well probably for a lot of reasons). This Racism thing goes both ways. Because I don't agree with anything Obama is doing doesn't make me a racist, it makes me an avid conservative. So to those accusatory fingers pointed at me, start picking your nose, you've got it all wrong, just like your president.


becca said...

I posted a week or so ago very simply... train wreck!! thats what his presidency is. But what do I know?

and what you said, I concure. :)

Chapman Family said...

sigh. ditto. Can we just vote you into office already? Not THE Office, though you would do great there as well. ha!

Linds said...

Really a good one, I love to read these posts of yours!