Monday, December 28, 2009

Please Hold on the Phone Calls.

I've received so many phone calls and well wishes, and thoughts that I just can't keep up with everybody! Don't take it personal that I haven't returned a call. Remember I'm still managing a home with 4 kids! Life is busy.

Sometime this week we will have the results of the MRI. I promise to post the news as quickly as I can. Hopefully its good news.

But, I'm a bit overwhelmed, and need some time to just breathe.

I will keep you updated when I can. We originally thought we would get results today, but that has been delayed to the middle of the week. Again, I will let you know when I can.

Thanks again for the fasting, I appreciated it, and felt the strength.

Love you all!


Des said... least you know your loved! Hopefully slow news is good news. My friend got a call pretty quick after the test. I'm glad that your busy, it will hopefully give you something else to think about while waiting. BTW, I didn't expect a phone call back. But I will "HOLD" on calling again. I did think about it today though. Only because you and Laila were on my mind.

Des said...

Oh, I almost forgot....Happy 10th Anniversary!! That is so big yet going to be so lonely for you. Well, a reunion after being seperated for so long will be "fun" and hopefully fill in the void of being apart for the actual anniversary. :)