Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big Weekend Plans

Oops. I meant NO weekend plans. :)

We are showing the house today at noon, wish us luck.

Josh is applying at various jobs for Christmas help, with all his extra time, wish him luck.

Lucy is prego with three kids, and trying to survive, wish her luck.

So I guess this morning I will be cleaning, laundry, dusting, this is the benefit to renting/selling your home, it almost always looks good. And after that, who knows. I would L.O.V.E. to go to one of the various church bazaars/craft shows, but tackling 3kids at one of those places isn't all that appealing. But maybe I'll be brave. Have a great weekend!

P.S. STILL NO PICTURES!! I'll post when they come in, I promise!


Chapman Family said...

please let it sell please let it sell please let it sell please let it sell! I'm praying for you all. please get a job please get a job please get a job please get a job. . .

Harmony said...

(ditto on Mo's comment!)

I can't believe there are no family pictures yet--what kind of photographer are you working with? :-) We're waiting for ours too and it's KILLING me!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Harmony said...

Blogger is killing me today--it deleted my last comment!

Ditto on Mo's comment--we're thinking good thoughts for you!

I can't believe you haven't gotten your pictures--we took ours last weekend and it's killing me that I don't have them already. Stinkin' photographers! :-)

Have a great weekend!

Leah said...

Just tap you shoes togehter three times and say "There no place like home"

Hey Dorthy got her wish, it's worth a shot!