Saturday, November 08, 2008

I can't help it...

Remember I said one week. That will be next Wed.

A. Iran President for the first time in a long time sends a note to a President Elect - Obama - Congratulating him. I can see it now, Obama has said he would like a non-nuclear world... the conversation goes something like this.. Iran: "Great idea, Obama, you go first."

B. Hamas: Let's Chat.

It's not even Jan. 20th.

Although, the news of "what puppy goes to the White House" is also making headlines.

But as for me and my house, we decided to take a loss on our house. Looks like a XX,XXX dollar hit. (Hurts so Good, playing in the background) Although, we look at the upside as our realtor suggested we're young, we'll recover. AND, because I learned all about taxes in the last couple of months, you get to deduct $3500 a year in capital losses, and you also get to carry your loss over year after year until it's gone. Which will work out great for us with B.O.'s new tax plan. Sweet.

Also, my new motto... Come What May, and Love it. Thank you Elder Wirthlin.

These things bring me JOY today.

1. Josh Home.
2. Laundry washed with liquid softener, and then a dryer sheet, smells SO GOOD.
3. Laila tackling me on the floor.
4. Making Cocoa Krispie Treat Turkeys with my kiddos.
5. Josh's boss letting him hang at his house for a little while to help us get on our feet.
6. A great nap.
7. A lumpy moving Belly Region.
8. Our Home.
9. A priesthood holder willing and able to bless. (A special friend reminded me of this blessing today, I'm thinking of you and your son!)
10. Gasoline at $2.12
11. Only one more day without insurance.
12. QOTD: Watching some kid movie about a girl on an island, and was eating worms, I came in during the middle of it... Anyway, Hallie says: "I don't like to eat worms. They don't have an oven so they have to eat worms." Becca have you been eating worms?


Crystal said...

Bummer about your house. But it's good you got all the tax knowledge to help with that.

I'm not so thrilled with Obama, but I've been hiding from the news. I'd rather not think about it. I guess I should crawl out of my hole and figure out what kind of crap we'll be taking in terms of military cut backs. Thankfully, we should still get our big re-up bonus. Thank goodness that re-up happens in Dec*.

*totally feels like we're selling our souls

Lori said...

Only moms without a Priesthood holder in the home can possibly understand the disappointment of your children needing blessings and your husband unable/unwilling to give them. :( I'm so grateful your Josh is going to take care of my Josh.

Gwenda said...

I'm jealous because of number six.

becca said...

there are a lot more things besides worms you can eat without an oven. Hear that Vic? I want to see pics of the turkeys!

becca said...

oh, and I totally was annoyed by all the terrorist peeps congratulating our pres-elect. What the heck is that about? anyone else worried about all these things... I just read your hamas link... scary! I really need to do my food storage.