Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A mother always knows.

I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew it was something. That Dr. yesterday made me so mad. It took all that I had not to wring her little neck. She wasn't listening. I tried to tell her, this wasn't my daughter, something was wrong. I told her I had 4 children, and never had I seen this. She let me go, with a coupon for over the counter probiotics (for the runs), and wished me luck, that she's sorry she couldn't do anything for her. I wasn't able to hide my irritation. She called later with a prescription for diaper rash ointment.

I had hoped for a better night, armed and ready for an early bedtime. After 45 minutes of sleep, Charlie was up, for the night. She fell asleep for about an hour from 3 - 4 a.m. But by 5 a.m. I called the neighbor and said I had to take her to the E.R. So in about 55 hours I had only had about 5 hours of sleep.

Arriving to the E.R. Charlie was completely normal. She wasn't screaming just looking around. I explained to the doctor what had been going on. Some young guy, who took the time to LISTEN. After awhile, Charlie came through for me with one of her episodes of screaming and thrashing. He said it was definitely not normal behavior for a 13 month old. And was on a mission to find out what was wrong.

She had an x-ray that indicated a possible appendix issue, and so they ordered an ultrasound. Here is where I knew something was up. They spent a lot of time on the ultrasound, and called in a series of doctors... 3 of them. I said they were making me nervous, and gave me a little chuckle, and didn't say anything. Making me more nervous! After awhile they diagnosed her with a blocked up bottom(a pretty bad one). Ironically NOT the runs like the Dr. yesterday, had thought. Thankfully, with some work, we can treat the problem in time. Avoiding a larger disaster... Can I just say a mother always knows. No, I'm not an all knowing doctor. I'm better than that, I'm an all knowing mother. Sigh.

What a day. I got some sleep this afternoon, and am typing this from my front porch, enjoying the most gorgeous afternoon. Looking forward to one awesome run this Saturday. I only have 2 weeks until my 10 miler, and seven weeks for my half-marathon. Do you think I could avoid any more emergencies? Let's keep our fingers crossed...


Linds said...


So sorry Lucy. Life just never stops, does it? Is she doing better? I've never heard of such a bad case! Poor little girl :(

Slavka said...

My sister and I were just talking about a similar situation with her son and the doctor. What a difference it would make if being a parent was be a pre-req for getting an MD.

Jen said...

I'm glad Charlie is okay. I think an ER visit with Adam deployed is number one on my "scared silly" list. Having all three throwing up at the same time is number two. But that's neither here nor there. Way to be assertive and thank goodness for good doctors that clean up others' messes.

MaryRuth said...

I'm sooo mad the Doctor treated you like that! Can you have the Doctor from the ER call her and tell her she's a moron and needs to listen to her patients! Sooo irritating!

Hope you're all feeling better soon!

You're a good woman Lucy!! You're an inspiration to me!

Chapman Family said...

So glad that YOU (along with 3 docs) figured it out. I hope you can now get some sleep! BTW: Miralax rocks! Haley was in the ER with something similar and I am very grateful for that Miracle Miralax.