Thursday, March 04, 2010

Why I love running: Trail Run Edition

Remember why I love running?

Well here's why running a trail makes me feel good.

1. It's never the same run twice. Ever. Nature has its way of changing things up on you... weather, ground, temperature, seasons, always different. I've been running on a treadmill, where everything is ALWAYS the same, it was a great run.

2. Electronics are optional. I can listen to music if I want, but don't have to. I don't even need electricity to run... Today was an electronic free run.

3. Running a trail is a different kind of challenge: crossing streams, (seriously with a cord strung above to hang on to as I climbed across the rocks), climbing fallen trees (thanks to the recent snow there were quite a few of these), dodging rocks and roots, hills, valleys, meadows, all on the run today. It was a hard run, it had been a week, but felt awesome. I have the worst ankles, so I'm always nervous I will bite the dust, its a matter of when not if... but today it was a clean smooth run.

4. Alone with my thoughts, I didn't see a single person on my run today. At the gym, I'm surrounded by people. But today, I was alone. I thought about so many things, cleared my head, and found joy in being alone today.

5. Scars from trail running are cool. I have a great one on my knee for my tumble down Pike's Peak. Today, I scored a few lacerations across my leg, thanks to some wayward thorny vines. Through my pants!! Nicely done. Blood is much more common on the trails.

6. Trail running requires different shoes. I love shoes. ;)

So there you have it. If you listened to me last time and picked up your dusty running shoes, now is your chance to change it up, hit a trail... don't hike it. Run it.

Happy Trails!

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