Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Copying my friend Emily's Edition...

1. QOTD: While preparing my children for the traditional trick or treat that is done in our town on random days like the Tuesday before Halloween, I was told while helping Hallie on the potty. "Wonder Woman never goes potty, I never see Wonder Woman going potty."

2. Josh and I implemented a new "diet" regimen eating more nutritiously, six small meals a day. Did I mention I've tossed an enormous amount of yummies into the trash to avoid temptation. Why did we take our kids trick or treating tonight?? Duh.

3. Headline on Yahoo News this morning: Housing Prices have Record drops... which explains why we went to WalMart to get FOR RENT signs, which were sold out. So now in America we can't sell our house, but you also aren't going to be able to rent it.

4. Thanks to no one for sharing the news about the Colts last night. I was SURE I would hear from a certain someone in CO. Yup they lost. I believe this means they don't even make the playoffs. Looks like I'm quickly turning into an Eli Manning fan.

5. I LOVE the smell of bleach, I know it's weird. But I just think sterile. With my new found love of cleaning with bleach water, I have several "white" polka dotted maternity shirts, right around the belly region.

6. Can I just say there is only five sleeps until my family photo shoot, with a famed photographer? I am seriously so excited, I can't wait.

7. I've been following the story of NieNie, on her sister CJane's blog, for a little while now, and a recent post about sisters made me LOVE my relationship with my sisters even more.

8. Thanks to my pregnancy, (which I continue to believe this child is going to make me crazy... the timing of it's precious arrival couldn't be worse), I am exploding in the chest region. I think my body is preparing to feed the small nation of New Zealand. Do they make bras in size Double Q?

9. Josh has spent a small fortune faxing documents at the local UPS store. I seriously would rather be spending that money on the NEWLY OPENED SONICS!!!!!!!

10. I seriously can't wait to move to our new town, for THIS reason alone.


Leah said...

You're smart to throw out the treats... I my self would have turned those treats into my "six small meals"

And I have never seen Wonder Woman go potty either... (or fart for that matter)

Emily said...

Lucy, I love your ten on Tuesday!! Didn't you know that the tiny treats the kids get at halloween don't have calories? I can identify a little with the breast thing, sadly, I am barely showing a tummy, so it looks like I have just been lazy and gained a good 15 pounds. Good luck with the housing project!

Harmony said...

Love it! I got TWO Ten On Tuesdays today! I was going to write you about the Colts, but didn't want that pregnancy rage turned on me.

I'm feeling you on the family pictures. Ours is the 7th and I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep the night before. AND I'll probably boss her around--you should actually feel sorry for her a little.

(I just went and looked at your photographer's website again--AWESOME!)

Okay, one more "ME TOO!" I looooove the smell of bleach! I can't wait to see your whiter-than-white family pictures!

Amy said...

you. crack. me. up.

#9. perhaps Sonic has a fax machine that they would let you borrow?

Chapman Family said...

TARGET!!! Do you know how much money I have spent online with them? They will DEFINITELY stay in business bc of me. :) Love the ten on Tuesday. I think I'm only capable of doing three on thursday... :)

The Galan Family said...

Okay thanks to you I have been searching for Tastykakes online because they are nowhere to be found here. I guess they only ship them to certain states. What have you done to me. Those things are AMAZING! Who knew that a little snack cake with all those preservatives could taste SO good!

#5 I have several bleached stained shirts and yes most of them are maternity because ya know your belly is always rubbing up against cleaning surfaces. Some are on the boob region from me reaching into the washer with my boob laying in the bleach tray :) Whoops!

#10 Can't wait for you to be closer too. We must get together. And you know how much I love Target. That will be a factor in where we go next. I must be within 10 minutes of a Target.

Good luck with the house thing and Josh's new job. Chat later.

becca said...

well hopefully you threw out the candy that is all the buzz about being contaminated. :)

ooh you are moving to a target? awesome! I could totally live in target too. seriously.

Crystal said...

Um, There are sonics there now? Have you heard that we much prefer the Navy in MD to the Navy here in Japan? Now even more, knowing I can drive just a ways to get my cranberry limeade!

karen collins said...

Target is fabulous!!! So glad I work in Westminster where there is one. However, the latest rumor is that Target is coming to Hanover - in new mega shopping center behind Sonic/Lowes area. :)